March 26, 2007

More Lost Austin Weekend

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I made this pendant in college too. It’s a piece of glass leftover from someone’s glass blowing project. it broke in half, so I joined them with a brass open bezel. It was kind of a pain to make, as I had to curve the bezel just enough to grip the glass without stretching out the metal too much. I originally wanted another strip of metal in the middle, but I decided that was a little too advanced for my skill level. I am itching to take another class, as it’s been 14 years since the first one.

March 25, 2007

The Lost Austin Weekend

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The view

The hummingbird

I stopped at a rest stop that had a wonderful outcropping of granite and tried to take some pics of my jewelry. They came out okay.

Copper washers, magnetic hemalyke, pearls from Szarka. Bracelet and earrings. *sold*

Necklace. Glass beads, glass pendant, copper wire.

Crazy bracelet. Copper wire, plastic word beads, pewter beads, magnetic hemalyke.

I made this copper pendant in college. I swore I’d never saw something that complex again!

There was an old rusted something at the rest stop, so I thought it would make a great backdrop.

Same bracelet as before.

The granite.

March 8, 2007

square ring

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Messing around with my new beads. Copper wire, amethyst, magnetic hemalyke.

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