April 30, 2007

Progress on the pendant

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April 29, 2007

So far

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Picture was taken with my cell phone, so it’s kinda dark. I’m on the laptop in the living room. I can’t get up to go to the other computer. Hah

Necklace in progress: white blown glass beads from India, moss colored river rock.
Wrapped azure glass nugget.
Wrapped lavender dyed quartz rock.
Earrings in progress: K&Company fabric and beaded brads attached to swirl paper clips.

edit: I tried to fix the photo some

Mommy’s Little Helper

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(I’d rather have valium)

today’s purchase

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I’m need to stop buying and start making. I keep saying that too.

Today I went to Michael’s and bought another bag of the azure glass nuggets. This one had smaller nuggets than the last bag I bought. I also bought a bag of moonstone glass nuggets. Both were on sale for $3 for a 2lb bag. I wonder if they’re going to stop carrying them.

I also bought a 28oz bag of rocks for $2.00. It looks like dyed quartz. They had several colors, but the bag I got ranges from light pinky purple, to a medium lavendar, to a light blue. The dye seems to be permanent. And since I just realized they were only $2, I’m going to go back and get green. LOL

I will wrap some tonite and post them.

I keep telling myself to buy supplies in other colors, but I always end up buying purples, blues, reds, and sometimes greens. If people want jewelry in earth tones, orange, or yellow, I guess they had better look elsewhere! LOL

April 24, 2007

And Now For Some Photography

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April 22, 2007

Sunny Sunday

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A play of delicacy and strength. I may change out the clasp for a lighter one. Flat marble, paper, copper wire, glass beads. Hooks in front.

Finally the matching earrings

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New stuff

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Italian slate mini-subway tile, aluminum wire, metal tag

Obsidian arrowhead

Flat marble, paper, copper swirl paperclip

April 21, 2007

Studio Tour Day 1

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Gorgeous day. Perfect weather. Not much traffic. I sat there and made a lot of things though, including these earrings. And I finally figured out the macro setting on my camera. Maybe if I read the manual I would have figured it out sooner, eh? The highlight of my day was when one of my repeat customers came by with a friend. This guy always buys my greeting cards. His friend told me that she had framed the one he gave her because she loved it so much.  That’s the best compliment!

Glass marbles wired to copper swirl paper clips.

My booth. I’m in the studio of a potter, and I’m in the kiln room. She has halogen track lights in there, so it’s lit well. I only had to set up one extra light. That’s her table, so I didn’t have to bring one of my own. The paper bags and Chinese take-out boxes are my packaging. People love that I box up their jewelry in a take-out box.

We had wine and cheese and fruit and sat and talked about a whole bunch of different things. Hopefully we’ll have more customers tomorrow.

April 19, 2007

Where’s Inaba-kun?

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Can you help Picchu find the bunny in all my bloody mess?

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