February 17, 2008

Never Enough

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Never enough time.

I have been really determined this week to finalize the set up of my craft room. It’s just ridiculous that we moved at the end of November, and here it is the middle of February and I still don’t have it together. I do have a few excuses. I focused on every other room so we could get down to the business of living, I then threw a birthday party for my fiance, and it’s been so brutal at work I come home in a vegetative state.

I got some new shelves, I organized my desk, I hung pictures salon style since we have vaulted ceilings (I need a ladder), and I’ve organized supplies. I’m lucky to have gotten every piece of furniture in this room for under $25 each. Half of it free and half from the Habitat for Humanity Outlet Store.

Never enough beads.

Tonight I re-organized my beads. I organize everything by color in craft boxes. Since I have acquired quite a few more beads and supplies, they have gotten out of hand. For instance, 3 colors now need 2 boxes each  instead of one. I am now up to 18 craft boxes of beads, one larger box of glass flat marbles, and one larger box of wire. Oh, and did I mention the 5 drawer cart?

It occurred to me as I was putting away my beads, that I need to get hella busy and make jewelry so I can thin out my collection. I need the room see, since my taste in beads has changed somewhat over the years. 😀

Tomorrow I will finish putting stuff away, hang curtains, and bring in a table. The cat tree is being removed to the living room. I need the space more than the cats do. Then finally I can get down to the business of making art and jewelry. I have all these ideas swimming around in my head that need to be expressed.

And of course I promise I will post pictures when it is finished. You can even come visit me. I’ll let you play with my beads.

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