April 26, 2009

Ok, I Need a Bigger Studio

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I’ve cleaned up my studio and crammed another shelving unit in it. Here’s the original post so you can compare pictures. Do any of  you watch Rate My Space on HGTV? I went to the website, and they have a slide show of people’s studios. I had to laugh because most of them were so squeaky clean and pretty, and filled with Pottery Barn furniture. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I’m poor. I got most of my furniture at the Habitat for Humanity outlet store. And my studio might be clean, but as you will see below, it is packed to the ceiling with STUFF.

First up, I had to do some moving to get the new shelving unit in the space. To the right of my desk, I took out the filing cabinet. I then moved the plastic shelves into it’s spot. I had to shove the desk down an inch, then I crammed the new metal shelves into the spot on the left. There is ZERO clearance. I then turned my table so it’s perpendicular to the window.

At $40 from Target, this black metal shelving unit is the most expensive furniture item in my studio. Almost everything else was free, a gift, or cheap.

To make a space for the filing cabinet, I pulled the roll top desk out from the wall. My folding screen still lives behind my desk as a room divider when I’m not using it in shows. My table has both a scrabble board and a checker board painted on it. Y’all are invited to come play!

Here I’ve added a shelf above my cabinets. You can see my kitty Machu sitting on the stair rail.

The kitty bed next to my cart full of beads.

I hung my paper holders on the wall. I can’t wait to get my paper bead roller so I can make beads. (That’s only 2 of them, I have 4)

And finally, one of the projects on which I’m working. Big amethyst, copper wire, and a big geode slice dyed purple. It’s gonna be big and blingy!

Next step is to get a new chair with wheels on it. I’m also thinking of getting new bases for my table from Ikea. They have ones with a shelf. I could use that for more books. *grin*

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