April 22, 2011

Copper Swirl, Amethyst, and Abalone

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Last year I played around with heavy gauge copper wire, bending it into different shapes and wiring on different beads. I just sold this abalone, amethyst, and pearl pendant to a coworker. I realized I didn’t have a picture of it, so I took my homemade photo cube to work and took this picture in the trunk of my car. You read that right, in the trunk of my car! I set up my shot, waited for the sun to go behind a cloud and snapped two pics. I think it came out really well.


I didn’t have matching earrings already made, so I whipped these up for my coworker. I thought miniature versions of the pendant would be really cute. The pearls dangle and swing freely. I took this photo in my home studio set up. I had to walk away for 5 minutes to wait for the earrings to stop swinging.


I really like these copper shapes and want to do more.  I bought The Great Book of Celtic Patterns by Lora S. Irish, and I hope to translate some Celtic patterns into copper wire shapes.

April 11, 2011

New Earrings and Rings

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Purple pearlized button and silver button earrings


Brass button, green glass pony bead, and brass wire ring


Purple polka dot glass bead, silver button, zinc washer, pewter dangle, copper wire ring


Purple button, silver flower button, purple dangle button, copper wire ring. This one is my favorite.


Purple button, silver button, silver star dangle button, copper wire ring


Copper washer, purple glass pony bead, purple dangle button, copper wire ring


Pink button, brass washers, red glass pony bead, brass wire ring


Green pearlized button, red bead, brass wire ring


Blue pearlized button, zinc washer, copper wire ring


Blue button, silver button, copper wire ring


Blue button, faux Chinese coin, brass wire spinner ring. My other favorite ring.


April 10, 2011

New Necklace and Earrings Sets

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I have been out of artistic commission for 6 months due to medical issues, and I’m finally getting back in the saddle. I felt a bit uncertain at first, but I’m getting my confidence back.

I started this piece back in September. I just finished it up by adding the pendant and clasp, and making the matching earrings and bracelet. Two  shapes of fancy jasper, a fancy jasper pendant from Magpie Gemstones, faceted red quartz glass beads, rhodonite tear drops, blackstone rondelles, pewter beads, and steel and silver wire. Sold





I created this necklace a year and a half ago, and then we moved and I couldn’t find it. I finally discovered it in a drawer in a box of odds and ends from my studio. I made the earrings, and it found an owner today. Serpentine jade, fresh water pearls, vermeil beads, steel wire. Sold



I loved this red and green combo, so I made another.  This is the first necklace I’ve made in 6 months, so it’s special. Two  shapes of fancy jasper, fancy jasper calla lilies, faceted red quartz glass beads, blackstone rondelles, pewter beads, and steel and silver wire.



I had another go at using this stand in my photography. This time I added a light pointed at the front, but it still wasn’t enough.



This weekend was really warm, the trees are all leafed out, and the flowers are all blooming, so I decided to make something that said SPRING! Serpentine jade, rose quartz from Magpie Gemstones, pewter beads, and a steel and silver clasp.



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