April 22, 2011

Copper Swirl, Amethyst, and Abalone

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Last year I played around with heavy gauge copper wire, bending it into different shapes and wiring on different beads. I just sold this abalone, amethyst, and pearl pendant to a coworker. I realized I didn’t have a picture of it, so I took my homemade photo cube to work and took this picture in the trunk of my car. You read that right, in the trunk of my car! I set up my shot, waited for the sun to go behind a cloud and snapped two pics. I think it came out really well.


I didn’t have matching earrings already made, so I whipped these up for my coworker. I thought miniature versions of the pendant would be really cute. The pearls dangle and swing freely. I took this photo in my home studio set up. I had to walk away for 5 minutes to wait for the earrings to stop swinging.


I really like these copper shapes and want to do more.  I bought The Great Book of Celtic Patterns by Lora S. Irish, and I hope to translate some Celtic patterns into copper wire shapes.

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