May 19, 2007

Crack Addict! O_o

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I went to the Bead Renaissance Show today in Grapevine. I restrained myself by getting $40 cash for the day, to include lunch. I also decided to focus on getting focal beads and not strands of beads. I also decided that I would rather be loyal to Turqoise Magpie and know what gemstones I’m buying, rather then fly blind at a show.

I got 12 focals for $30. Of course I am highly tempted to return tomorrow and get bead strands. The lady selling Czech glass beads doesn’t have an online store. She had some beautiful flat square beads with a contrasting edge color. I wanted to shovel what was onto her table into my purse. It’s crack, seriously. There were a few folks selling some beautiful lampwork and dichroic beads as well. I need to win the lottery!

I wore this necklace and got a lot of compliments. That’s why I wore it: to show off! 😀

Anyway, here’s what I got today:

I think Turquoise Magpie had some of these blue ceramic focals in her store at one time. These are about the size of a quarter. The larger one is a little larger than a half dollar.

On the left is an etched bead of unknown material. I will make a necklace for me, as it’s my Chinese horoscope. On the right is a ceramic pendant. These are about half dollar size.

On the left is another etched bead. This one is for my fiance, as it’s his horoscope. On the right is a carved pendant about 1.5 inches tall. I believe this is Durga.

DURGA have eight hands and great power and Shakti. Durga rides on a lion. She has a charming personality.She is adored by married women for a happy married life. Mother of Kartikeya and Ganesha, she is the universal mother with limitless power. Durga is also Parvati, the goddess who symbolises dominant power and strength. Fittingly her vehicle is a lion or a tiger. She is portrayed with 10 arms carrying an arsenal of weapons and is the protector of the virtuous and the remover of ignorance.

On the left is something round, lol. It feels like glass. On the right is another carved pendant.

And finally, these are my prizes. Ojime beads. I may have to get this guy’s catalog, because I would love to have more of these.

Kitter paws!

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  1. Argh…I did not know about this bead show! 😦

    Comment by Ashley — June 3, 2007 @ 10:28 pm |Reply

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